Post-jam update #1

You can find the original game jam version of the game over here:

All future updates will be available uploaded to:

What's new:

  • Proper controls on mobile: we've added touch buttons to jumping, digging and respawning and you can tilt your device left and right (in landscape mode) to move the player. Rotating tiles can be done the same way on desktop, tapping the left/right side of a tile.
  • Player is now invincible for a while seconds after spawn.
  • Player now has a digging animation.
  • Extra life is now a heart shaped circuit board (and diamond stars are just normal stars you need to pick up, nothing more).
  • New object spawning mechanism: it uses a grid and won't plant objects too close to the edge of tiles or on top of blocks/other objects.
  • Enemies used to pause during any tile rotation, now they keep moving unless they are on the rotating tile.
  • Enemies won't kill you while they're rotating with a tile.
  • Enemies now can pass through shards (player/enemy remains) and shard collisions are improved.
  • You won't pick up stars while they're rotating with a tile.
  • You can toggle full screen mode by pressing F.

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Aug 25, 2021

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