Groundflipper is a of a 2D puzzle/action game prototype with an infinite number of procedurally generated levels created for Kenney Jam 2021.


The level is divided into 6 tiles which you can rotate if the player (the robot) is not standing in them. Your objective is to pick up all stars and avoid moving enemies (a bouncing ball-like creature and a flying one). Picking up diamond stars will also earn you an extra life.


  • A/D: move player left/right
  • W:  jump
  • Click left or right side of tiles to rotate them (only if player is not standing in it)
  • 1/3: rotate all tiles counter-clokwise/clockwise (except the current one)
  • Q/E: dig to the left/righ
  • K: kill & respawn player
  • R: restart game
  • F: toggle full screen mode

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