New blueprints

New stuff in the latest build:

  • New blueprint: high tower. If you install a turret on this, it will have twice the range of a basic tower.
  • New blueprint: laser turret. Lasers go through enemies and until they hit the ground, they can damage other enemies as well.
  • Turret ranges are now visible.
  • Turrets only start working after they are installed on a tower.
  • There's a subtle effect when enemies are hit by projectiles.
  • Bugfix: sometimes it was impossible to pick up built towers.
  • Bugfix: it was possible for players to get stuck if they started beaming up resources right before a worker destroyed them.

We're nearing feature freeze (a couple more blueprints and enemy types are planned), we're working on audio and level design in the background. Hopefully tomorrow will be about playtesting, finding the zillion bugs we've laid and polishing things a bit. Only about 32 hours to go until deadline... stay tuned! ;)

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Feb 21, 2022

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