Extended multiplayer, 4:3 and 21:9 screen support & more

Extended multiplayer

Local multiplayer support has been extended to 4 players and the current input scheme has been reshuffled:

  • Red is controlled by gamepad #4 or WASD+Space+Q
  • Blue is controlled by gamepad #3 or arrows+Enter+PageDown
  • Yellow is controlled by gamepad #2 or the mouse (or touch)
  • Purple is controlled by gamepad #1

This way it is possible for 4 players to play at the same time with just one gamepad, a mouse and a keyboard.

Responsive mode

We’ve changed how scaling works and reworked the UI so the game will fill up the whole screen and UI elements will re-arrange themselves automatically. No more black bars if you are on a non-16:9 screen! We’ll continue testing the game on 4:3 and 20:9 screen aspect ratios; if something doesn’t look right on your device, please send us a screenshot to hello at lasermagnet dot com!

Other stuff

Also in this release:

  • Some low-effort balancing: doubled enemy hit points (quadrupled for the big one!),
  • Flipped laser turret sprite (a tester noted that it makes more sense this way - point taken and appreciated! :)
  • All player controls were added to the main menu screen.


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Mar 16, 2022

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