Yes, now you can build stuff!

Although our latest build is certainly riddled with bugs, we are happy to announce that the final major mechanic that we were planning has been implemented: you can build stuff!

You can enter the build menu by pressing Q on the keyboard, the middle mouse button or the B button on your game pad and keep pressing it to cycle between blueprints. At this point you can select between a Tower and a Gun Turret; to select a blueprint you need to hover over the work area (where your workers are waiting eagerly to do stuff) and press E on the keyboard, scroll down with the mouse or press X on the game pad. A blueprint will drop from your quadcopter (which now looks more like a quadcopter) and if you have enough resources harvested, workers will start building the objects on top of the blueprint. Once it is complete, you can pick it up and place it wherever you like!

Turrets need to be placed on Towers, although I'm pretty sure I forgot to disable them when they are on the ground. Sorry, I'm beat; I'll patch this tomorrow.

You can also pick up and move towers anytime.

There are some graphics / UI related changes as well.

Stay tuned for QoL enhancements and bugfixes; hopefully we'll be able to get on level design, playtesting and balancing in the coming days; we still have a week! And yes, we have more turrets and some special items planned as well ;)

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Feb 14, 2022

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