A bunch of smaller changes

Objects can no longer be dropped in (or "on" :) water.

We've improved beaming controls: you can keep holding the button to beam stuff up for however long you want, the block won't be dropped if you keep pressing it. If you want to drop your cargo at any one point, just release the button and press it again.

There's a particle effect when you drop something and it hits the ground.

The missing touchscreen buttons are added, the beam up/down button has been duplicated (you can use either one of them).

Object highlighting/dehighlighting code was optimized for better performance.

Cargo beam is smaller in diameter by default and increases only when flying above movable objects.

There are some bugfixes (and quite possibly regressions too :) and we've applied some minor changes to the UI as well.


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Feb 17, 2022

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